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Georgetown Hosts Mayoral Debate this Thursday

Dumbarton House


This Thursday night at 6:30, the Georgetown Current will hold a mayoral debate at the Dumbarton House (at 2715 Q St.). The event is co-sponsored by the Georgetown Business Association and the Citizens Association.

Davis Kennedy, publisher of the Current, will moderate. But if you have any particular question you want asked, you can submit them at the front table before the debate begins.

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Don’t Forget to Vote!

Not that you could be blamed for not realizing it, but there’s yet another special election in DC going on right now.

For those not up to speed: Last year, the chair of the Council, Kwame Brown, was forced to resign before getting indicted for loan fraud. On the normal general election day, the city chose At Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson to take Brown’s place (he was already interim chair). Now we have to choose who will take Mendelson’s old At Large seat.

The special election will be on April 23rd at your normal voting locations. But why wait? You can head down to One Judiciary Square and vote right now. GM went yesterday and was in and out in five minutes. You can do it too until the 14th.

So go do your civic duty!


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How Georgetown Voted

Photo by mhaithica.

Last week, DC’s Democrats, Republicans and Greens got a chance to vote in their respective party’s primaries. For local DC offices, the Democrat primary is the de facto general election, so this primary is more important than many party primaries. So did Georgetown come out and vote, and if so how?

Well about 8,000 Georgetowners are registered with a party in DC. And 729 came out to vote last week, so that’s a turnout ratio of about 9%. That’s pretty bad versus the rest of the city, which had a turnout around 15%. Of course it’s also just really bad versus any election.

Most of the Georgetown ballots were uncontested, but here are the results from a few of the contested elections: Continue reading

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