Consignment Store Coffee Shop Back On?

A long time ago, GM heard a rumor that the old consignment shop at 2622 P St. was going to be turned into a coffee shop. Since then, GM hasn’t heard a peep, nor has much work been done on the shop.

However, recently work was finally started on the shop. GM doesn’t have any further information about the owner’s plans yet, but the building permit says this:

Zoning Review Approved . Approved for a 46 seat restaurant in the basement and first floor of the existing building located in C-1 zone. Interior design business will be located on the second floor. No off-street parking required.




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2 responses to “Consignment Store Coffee Shop Back On?

  1. If anyone has “The Thrift Shop Consignments” sign that hung from the side of 2622 P Street, please consider donating it to the Peabody Room’s Georgetown businesses sign collection!

  2. dave

    Hopefully that will happen – that would be a nice addition to that area. Bonus points if they are somehow able to use that great patio in front of the neighboring property which I believe may be lawyers offices?

    What are those other properties on that block and on that side of the road? They seem like random offices but I never see anyone there. I wonder if there are any possibilities for more commercial establishments on that stretch in the future?

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