The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by tedeytan.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • GM heard through the grapevine that Griffin Market has been leased to someone who want to turn it into a neighborhood butcher shop (yay). Plus the old Consignment Shop next door may reopen as a coffee shop (double yay). Also, Panera might move in to the space next to Five Guys (boo).
  • New NBC show stars Georgetown native Whitney Cummings. The show’s called “Whitney”, she plays (obviously) the title character, and her character’s mother is named “Patti” much like Whitney’s actual mother (and neighbor of GM) Patti Cumming.
  • Streetcars to Georgetown as a jobs-driver.


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5 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Joan Kennan

    What is Panera??

  2. Topher

    Sorry, it’s Panera Bread. It’s a fast food chain somewhat like Corner Bakery or Cosi (i.e. a step up from McDonalds, etc., but still a fast food joint).

  3. asuka

    Judging by the comments that follow a Ken “Ghetto” Archer screed, it seems even the home team has ceased taking him seriously. He uses one side of his mouth to complain about Georgetown out-sourcing to the suburbs, then from the other side mewls about the size of Georgetown’s main campus. “The expansion of GU jobs into Virginia…is being driven by the perception that the University has simply run out of room.” The policy isn’t being driven by some unattributed “perception” – its being driven by pressure from a vocal minority that includes Archer! His obsession with all things GU is bizarre, and he comes off as being hopelessly misinformed, confused, and irrational.

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