Two Great Parks, Causes

2500 block of P St.


GM doesn’t pass on every request he gets to plug a charity. If he did, that’s all he would write about. But when a request comes from a Georgetown-related cause GM cares about, he makes an exception. And that’s the case for Rose Park and Volta Park.

Both parks are treasures for Georgetown. While Montrose Park is probably the prettiest park in Georgetown, Volta and Rose are truly hives of the neighborhood. Volta park packs a playground, tennis courts, basketball courts, a softball field, a community center, a pool, a garden, and more open space, all in a city block. Rose Park a larger and a little more sprawling, but also offers a wide variety of activities with a little league field, two playgrounds, the best tennis courts in Georgetown, basketball courts and a ton of open fields.

These parks share something else in common: a “friends of” group that helps maintain and enhance these treasures. And you have an opportunity to help both of them right now.

The Friends of Volta Park is holding its annual fundraiser this Friday night at Visitation. For $100 a person, you can come a hobnob with west Georgetown’s finest. Also GM will be there. Here’s were you can buy tickets and get more tickets.

The Friends of Rose Park are also running a fundraiser right now. There’s no cocktail party, but you have the opportunity to leave a small legacy at the park. For $100 you can buy a brick for the park’s flag. You can dedicate it to whomever or whatever you want. Here’s where you can get more info.

GM hopes to see you Friday!

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