Volta Park’s New Playground



The finishing touches are being put on the newly renovated Volta Park playground. Kids already are playing on the new equipment and the remaining work appears to be just a few benches.

The new playground offers a lot of great new features. First of all, it has that spongy surface that is far superior to the old wood chips. Second, it appears to be aiming for a slightly older crowd that the older equipment was. The heart of the playground is a rope structure that invites kids to climb and swing around.

And probably fall. Which is great. There’s an increasingly popular philosophy that playgrounds got too safe over the past 20 years. Now people are pushing to add a little danger back into playgrounds. The idea is, roughly, that kids won’t learn how to manage risks if they’re never presented with any.

As a parent of a toddler who’s still a few years too young for some of this equipment (and who lives a block away) GM is a little bummed the playground doesn’t offer as much for the very young crowd (there is a section that’s designed specifically for 2-5 year olds, but it doesn’t have much). But there’s still Rose Park’s tot-lot, which is great for toddlers. And besides, it’ll still be there once little Ms. GM is a bit older.

Speaking of Rose Park, they are currently mapping out plans to renovate their playground spaces, so soon Georgetown will be blessed with two brand new playgrounds!



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2 responses to “Volta Park’s New Playground

  1. Hmmm. Hadn’t heard that rationale. I guess I would say what it gains in promoting risk-taking it loses in promoting imagination.

    That structure looks like it was designed by a physical therapist with no soul.

    My kid’s preschool playground at St Columba’s combines risk-taking, imagination and nature, and has become a model for upper NW school playgrounds like Janney’s. It would be great if DPR would visit it and learn.

  2. Gtownmom

    The reviews are in from my kids — fewer swings, just one little slide made for a very disappointing playground experience!

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