Make Way For Ducklings!

GM received a tip from a reader several weeks ago. She had noticed a duck in front of her neighbor’s house:

Yesterday morning, I was again in front of my neighbor’s house, and noticed with surprise that one of the ducks was lying in that same flower bed again. I conjectured that she might be a female who was laying some eggs, or sitting on a nest. Out of motherly concern, I brought out a basin of water to put near her in case she got thirsty or wanted a little bath. Yesterday evening, I checked again and the duck was not there – did not see any eggs. I couldn’t resist checking again this morning, and sure enough, the duck was back, nestled under the ferns.

Fast forward to the other day, and a whole nest full of new ducklings!

The tipster was nervous how the ducks would manage in the middle of Georgetown. But with the help of some neighbors, the new family made its way down to the canal:


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