Tree Watering Optional this Week

Photo by Jon Hayes Photography.

GM endeavors to remind his readers to keep watering street trees all summer long. He even forgoes advertising to put up a banner on the right to remind you (in truth, he probably wouldn’t get much for advertisements anyway).

But the truth is that it’s not necessary to water young street trees every single week. Some weeks there’s just simply is enough rain to make do. And this week is one of those weeks.

Overwatering is as much a threat to young trees as underwatering. So from now on, GM will try to keep the badge updated on the right to let you know whether you need to water your trees or not.

Technically for this week (according to the fantastic Casey Trees) watering is “optional”. Your tree probably doesn’t need it, but it also probably wouldn’t hurt.

And now’s a good time to check to make sure any new (or newish) trees on your block have been “adopted” by someone with a hose. GM has adopted a sycamore five houses down simply because none of the nearer houses has a hose bib out front.


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