O and P to Get Swept

New O and P Streets Great for Bikers


In a lot of DC neighborhoods, from March to October residents with cars are obliged to weekly move their cars to accommodate street sweeping. For whatever reason, Georgetown is exempt from this burden (GM has heard it was due to the narrow streets where parking is only on one side, but who knows if that’s true). Yet the streets don’t seem so bad, do they?

Well two Georgetown streets are about to get swept. The length of the cobblestone sections of O and P St. are getting special treatment next week. This is actually the final touches of the massive rehabilitation project. The city is coming back to clean up the last of the dust left over from that used to hold the cobblestones in place.

It will mean that for Wednesday and/or Thursday next week, the entire stretch of O and P St. from Wisconsin to 35th will prohibit parking. Look for an alternative space lest you get towed!


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