PARK(ing) Day This Friday

Photo by Bureau of IIP.

This Friday, PARK(ing) Day comes to Georgetown. This is an annual event celebrated across the globe whereby space that is ordinarily allocated to the storage of cars is taken over for other uses. The point is to make people realize how much public space we turn over to the storage of private vehicles, and to at least raise the question of whether that real estate couldn’t be put to better use.

In Georgetown, parking spaces in front of five shops will be used in this way. they are Malmaison, Baked and Wired, Fleurir Chocolates, CycleLife and Robert Bell Antiques. Events like this are especially apt as the Georgetown BID considers how the sidewalks and streets in the neighborhood could be refashioned in a way to enhance the pedestrian experience.

The event is part of other PARK(ing) Day observations around town this Friday. For instance, Casey Trees is taking over a spot at 17th and K, where they’ll bring Ginkgo Plinko (presumably this won’t involve Ginkgo fruit).

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  1. qstreeter

    Baked and Wired had a really nice space with grass and benches, with lots of people enjoying the lovely afternoon. It would be nice if they always had such nice outdoor sitting space! I don’t think Fleurir participated – just cars in front of their shop.

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