Who Does This?



GM walked out of his house on Saturday and discovered that somebody had cut off a bunch of flowers from an annual he had in a box in the front of his house.

Who does this?

What a petty crime (both in terms of it being a really small violation but also just being small-minded). Are those flowers really worth stealing?

Earlier this spring, GM had an entire basket of geraniums stolen right in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. It’s just such a weird crime.

This summer, GM saw a woman walking away from the beautiful gardens around the Lutheran church on Volta. She had a bunch of flowers in one hand and in the other hand she was putting away a pair of shears. She was a middle aged woman with a young child. GM didn’t see her actually cut the flowers, and for all GM knows she is a church member tending to the garden. But it sure as hell looked like she was a woman who walks around with garden shears keeping an eye out for fresh pickings.

Anyway, if a few stolen flowers are the worst of your problems, then you don’t have problems. But it’s still annoying.


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5 responses to “Who Does This?

  1. We had our window boxes stolen right off the front of our house on Olive Street a few years back. Creepy…

  2. I had several flower pots stolen over the years – with nothing actually in them – from my front garden down by the waterfront over the years, so now I don’t landscape the entrance with anything removable. .

  3. Having lived in Dupont Circle for 50 years, I too have had similar experiences.
    Lately I am doing volunteer work in a park garden where people are pulling out our new boxwood? Also, a related matter and similar: who leaves the little plastic bags of dog poop on the sidewalks? Marcy Logan

  4. dsz2

    Someone is stealing Favored Quadrant people’s flowers and The New York Times is ON IT: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/08/us/washington-dc-gardeners-battle-flower-thief.html

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