Scenes From a Park(ing) Day

GM wasn’t able to get around to the various Georgetown Park(ing) Day spots last week, but luckily photographer-about-town M.V. Jantzen was and captured these great shots:


Here’s the recently opened Malmaison on Water St.


Here’s the scene outside Baked and Wired.

Here it is from another angle.

The restaurants took different approaches to the project. Malmaison just put out a few tables and started serving customers there. Perhaps reflecting the fact that it doesn’t provide table service anyway, Baked and Wired created more of a free and open seating arrangement.

Looking at these spots is there anyone that doesn’t believe these shouldn’t be permanent? We’re talking about one–maybe one and a half–parking spots on relatively quiet streets (Water St. is particularly quiet). How many more people would enjoy these precious square feet than would park?

And that’s the whole point of Park(ing) Day, get you to realize how much a difference just a few small changes could make.



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