Georgetown 2028 Community Engagement Meeting Next Week

The Georgetown 2028 planning project has been humming along. As you might know, this is an ambitious effort lead by the BID to gather many stakeholders together and chart out what challenges the Georgetown business district will face over the next 15 years and plan how to face them.

The project is structured with a steering committee (full disclosure: GM is on the steering committee) and three working groups focused on transportation, economic development, and public space.

And the project’s website already is soliciting feedback from the public. In addition, it’s held one community engagement meeting. Next week it will hold its second engagement meeting. It will be October 3rd from 6-8 pm at Foley and Lardner in the Washington Harbour complex (it’s on the left).

This meeting will focus on the following issues: Transportation and Metro; C&O Canal; K Street and the Waterfront; Connecting M and K streets, and Economic Development. All these assets will be key to the future attractiveness of Georgetown as a vibrant neighborhood.

So come on out!

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