Now and a Long Time Ago: Prospect and 37th

Pit vs new

It’s been a while, but GM is back with a Now and a Long Time Ago. Today’s he’s eschewing the techy swipe feature and just merging the old and the new in one photo. What we see is Prospect St. just west of 37th St. (what is now immediately south of Lauinger Library). The old photo is from 1951 and comes courtesy of DDOT’s fantastic brochure on the history of the O and P St. trolley tracks.

It shows the spot where the streetcars were shifted from getting power via the underground conduit (i.e. the third rail) to the overhead wires (or vice-versa). Streetcars heading west continued along Prospect, through what is now the GU campus, and onward out into the forest trail ride to Glen Echo and Cabin John:

Getting back to Prospect St., the cool thing is that you can still see the old checkerboard covers in the roadway every dozen feet or so, like this:


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