Fall Preview

It sure doesn’t feel like it, but it’s been technically fall for several weeks. A cold front is supposed to finally push out this muggy weather tomorrow and it will begin to feel like the season it is.

But before Mother Nature does her thing, it’s a good time to sit back and consider what changes may be coming to Georgetown over the coming months. Here’s a list that GM came up with, let him know if he missed anything:

  • Pinstripes: The new bowling alley-cum-fine Italian restaurant is tentatively aiming for a November opening. GM has been a big fan of this project since it was first announced, and he looks forward to many frames in the future.
  • iThai: iThai should be opening in the old Garrett’s space sometime this fall, although nothing has been announced.
  • Pier 2934 Cajun Seafood: Little Viet Garden is proposing to change its name and cuisine to Pier 2934 Cajun Seafood. Sort of an odd jump, but with the addition of the new Vietnamese restaurant in the old Book Hill Bistro place, this will be a net gain for Georgetown in terms of cuisine variety.
  • Fiola Mare: The highly respected Fabio Trabocchi is bringing a seafood focused version of his Fiola restaurant to the waterfront. They are aiming for an opening by “year’s end”, so that technically might come during the fall, although mid-winter seems more likely. (And with the ice rink probably returning, it won’t be such a bad time to open a restaurant by the waterfront.)

Also, you might have missed it (GM certainly did) by starting yesterday, all public libraries are open on Sundays. You can thank Georgetown’s own Jack Evans for successfully pushing for that change.


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