Ghosts in Georgetown



Tomorrow afternoon at the Georgetown Library, GM’s friend Tim Krepp will be giving a spooktacular talk about his new book Ghost of Georgetown.

Check out the book description:

On the banks of the Potomac River, Georgetown has had three centuries to accumulate ghoulish tales and venerable apparitions to haunt its cobbled streets and mansions. In this historic Washington, D.C., neighborhood, the eerie moans of three sisters herald every death on the river, and on R Street, President Lincoln is rumored to have witnessed the paranormal at a séance. Along the towpath of the C&O Canal, a phantom police officer still walks his lonely beat, and on moonlit nights, he is joined by a razor-wielding ghoul. From the spirit of a sea captain who lingers in the Old Stone House to the strange ambiance of the Exorcist Steps, author and guide Tim Krepp takes readers on a chilling journey through the ghostly lore of Georgetown.

That’s some seriously creepy stuff!

So whether your house is haunted or not, come on out to hear tales from those lucky few who have had their wits scared out of them.

Tim’s a tour guide for his day job, so he knows how to keep people entertained. The talk starts at 1:30, so you’ll have a few hours of sunlight afterwards to race home and hide under the covers.


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