The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Shishi Adventures.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Georgetowner gets the scoop that local architect Robert Bell has bought the old Georgetown Theater. GM will follow up on this next week.
  • The Georgetowner also got the scoop that a pair of well regarded Virginia chefs are opening a new restaurant on Potomac next to Dean and Deluca.


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2 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. The Shields coming to Georgetown is an incredibly huge deal that could reshape the way that diners in DC think about Georgetown’s dining scene. And it could open the way for other top-notch chefs and restaurateurs (think Stephen Starr, Frederik de Pue) to again see Georgetown as a place to locate, reversing the trend of the last couple of decades that saw middling and/or chain restaurants representing most of the openings in the neighborhood.

    Better yet, it’s another high-quality dining option in the neighborhood.

  2. dave4al

    Agree completely Jacques – it would be nice to see Citronelle redone and reopened here as well.

    Im also excited about the Georgetown theater purchase – he seems to have a good vision there and the alley concept in the back is interesting and exciting as well. I hope he can turn the dream into reality though – it can be though sometimes to navigate the development waters around here. This sounds like an Anthony Lanier type project (ie Cadys Alley) – so I wonder if he thinks it is feasible.

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