ANC Preview: West Heating Plant Edition

West Heating Plant


Next Tuesday at 6:30 pm the November ANC meeting will be held at its normal location at Georgetown Visitation. On a personal note, this will be a sad occasion since it will be the first ANC meeting without fellow blogger Shaun Courtney to share the pain with. Oh well, GM will beat on, boat against the current, born back ceaselessly into the mundane particulars of local governance.

West Heating Plant

The big item on the agenda is the West Heating Plant. There are actually two items, the design review of the new construction and the proposed sky bridge, and a second item for the raze permit to tear down most of the building.

As GM previewed last week, the Four Seasons/Levy Group is lobbying hard to present the need to tear down three of the four facades as unavoidable. There are some (both on the ANC and in other community groups) that object to that position and would like to push back on the need to tear down the structure. (Full disclosure: GM is on the board of CAG, which may or may not take a position on this question. For what it’s worth, he has not personally made a decision either way.)

Theoretically, next Tuesday could be the one and only bite at the apple for any interested group or the ANC. The concept could get approved at the following Old Georgetown Board, and that would be that. But chances are that OGB won’t approve it right away, and much like the Apple Store, it will be back and forth several times before the whole process is through. So get used to hearing about it.


The only other major item on the agenda is the proposal to add a new gym to Hyde-Addison elementary school. The proposal appears to call for the playground to be rebuild on top of the new structure. That sounds a bit odd, but GM will let you know what it looks like on paper.

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  1. Kudos for the Gatsby reference.

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