Farewell Charlie

Photo by Boss Tweed.

Last night the ANC met for its November session. The meeting was extremely long and as a result GM will have to defer till tomorrow to report on it. But he wanted to take the time to report specially on an emotional part of the meeting: Charlie Eason’s farewell address.

As Charlie explained, due to health difficulties he has been unable to attend as many meetings over the last several years. This coincided with his decision to sell his house and move to a home on the Chesapeake Bay. As a result, he resigned his ANC position, effective last week.

In a moving speech, Charlie–noticeably gaunt, yet still lively–recounted with laughs his days on the commission. He told of the reasons he first got engaged in local governance, namely his discovery of high levels of lead in his drinking water. This was coupled with his wife’s insistence that he smoke his cigars outside, which forced him to stroll the neighborhood and, inevitably, meet and discuss issues with his neighbors. One thing lead to another, and all of the sudden he was a commissioner.

He jokingly (sort of) pleaded with the Current reporter to ask Davis Kennedy to comp Charlie a free subscription at his new home. Seeing as he’s no longer an elected official, he reasoned, there’s no ethics problems! (GM assured him that he could still receive the Georgetown Metropolitan free of charge.)

Chairman Ron Lewis presented Charlie with a special act award, the highest acknowledgement an ANC can grant. Ron was visibly emotional and nearly broke down while reading the commendation.

As he contemplated his new bayside life, Charlie said his plans are to sit at the end of his pier, watch for crabs, and read some good books. After all Charlie’s years serving Georgetown, GM can say both as his former constituent and friend that those bayside sunrises are well earned.

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