Long Time ANC Rep Charlie Eason Passes Away

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GM yesterday heard the sad news that former ANC rep Charlie Eason passed away over the weekend. As GM wrote last November, Charlie stepped down from the ANC after he moved to a home on the Chesapeake Bay. He had been struggling with a long term illness and had grown visibly weaker over the past year.

As GM wrote last fall, during Charlie’s farewell address to the ANC he contemplated his new bayside life and said his plans were to sit at the end of his pier, watch for crabs, and read some good books. GM sincerely hopes that in his final months, Charlie was afforded such transcendent pleasures.

GM used to live around the corner from Charlie. And years ago when he was starting to get more involved in local affairs, GM found a funny and helpful friend in Charlie. He was always great for a good tip or some clear-eyed explanation of what was going on behind the curtain of one neighborhood issue or the other.

Whenever GM wrote about liquor licenses, he often used the same photo of his liquor cabinet. On multiple occasions, Charlie asked GM if he wanted help draining that bottle of Jameson’s. It’s a bittersweet memory for GM because he never actually took Charlie up on the offer.

According to the family’s plan, Charlie will be cremated and his ashes brought to the family homestead in Ireland for burial.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam Charlie.

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