Now and a Long Time Ago: Wisconsin and Prospect

This week in Now and a Long Time Ago, GM visits the east side of Wisconsin Ave. just north of Prospect St. The photo above comes from the National Archives and shows the block as it appeared in 1950.

On the right is Becker Paint and Glass Co. GM doesn’t know how long this store was open, but there was an ad in the Post for the store as early as 1921. It reminded people that “The boating season’s here and it’s time canoes, yawls, etc., were spruced up for service.” The store also appears to have had a marvelous neon sign. By 1969, it appears from a report of a robbery that the store had moved down the block onto Prospect. Nowadays this space is occupied by Anne Taylor Loft.

Next door the space appears to have been vacant in 1950. Nowadays it (and the building to the left) hold Ralph Lauren. Between 1950 and today, this was also the home to the famous Britches of Georgetown. Also between then and now that great balcony railing was removed.

To the left, in 1950, was Georgetown Furniture Co. GM is also not sure how long this store was open. The only ads for it in the Post archives appeared between 1951 and 1954.

Here’s how this facade fits in with the modern street:

Wiscons Ave



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