Hey, At Least It’s Not Flooding Too

As we muscle through the Polar Vortex, perhaps it’s some slight solace to remember that it could be worse. Like how it was February 96 years ago. It may not have been quite as cold, but it was cold enough to freee the Potomac, which was a salient fact seeing as the river was flooding.

The flood was on the week leading up to February 19, 1918. Here’s an excerpt from the Post’s report on the wreckage:

30,000 Throng Aqueduct Bridge and Neighboring Roads to Witness Wreckage Left By Weeks’ Flood

Everybody nearly was out on the Aqueduct bridge yesterday…watching the ice in the Potomac go by. There were close to 30,000 of them during the height of the rush witnessing and commenting on the greatest flood the Capital has seen since 1889…A young woman stood on the bridge. She was filled with poetry by the maelstrom which whirled beneath her feet. She grasped her escort by the arm “Ain’t it wonderful what nature can do?” she breathed.

There are a couple of photographs in the LOC’s collection of the flood. Here’s are two that show how devastating a frozen flood can be:

So cheer up! Things could be a lot worse!


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