Old Georgetown in Color: Miss America

Miss America


This week on Old Georgetown in Color, GM visits to the lovely Margaret Gorman of Cambridge Place. Here she is in 1921, after having become Miss District of Columbia. Later that year she would be crowned the Most Beautiful Bathing Girl in America and be named the Golden Mermaid in Atlantic City.

The next year she lost her Miss DC crown, so lost her bid to the Atlantic City beauty contest. But she was invited back anyway and dubbed “Miss America”. Thus christening the famous beauty contest.

The fact that the first Miss America is from Georgetown is up there with the fact Take Me Home Country Roads was written here and IBM founded here on the list of unbelievable stories about the neighborhood.

This photo is from the Library of Congress (original B&W version here).

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  1. One day back in the 1980s I called Margaret Gorman and spoke to her at length. I don’t remember much of the conversation other than she thought it was no big deal to have been the first Miss America (I however thought it was a VERY big deal!). She died in 1995.

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