The Georgetown Waterfront: 1865


GM was searching for an old black and white photo of Georgetown last night in order to colorize it for his “Old Georgetown in Color” series. He came across the photo above, one of the Georgetown waterfront (as viewed from Virginia [or possibly from what was then called Mason’s Island, now Roosevelt Island]). GM didn’t even begin to try to colorize this shot. It’s just too massively complicated. But he wanted to share it because it is such an amazing shot.

To really enjoy it, click on it and expand it to its full size. You’ll get a clear shot into the mundane existence of our previously industrial and seedy waterfront.

The interesting thing is that despite the fact that lower Georgetown has many of buildings that date to this time period, GM can’t identify any of them in this photo. Can you?


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One response to “The Georgetown Waterfront: 1865

  1. I can’t ID the ones on the waterfront, but in the left background are several that currently stand at Georgetown (including Old North, and either Maguire or Mulledy). Also, it looks like Holy Trinity Church (at least the smaller chapel), and possibly the Halcyon House?

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