Dolcezza to Stay in Place, For Now

Photo by WCP.

Back in September, GM was saddened to pass along the message he received from a Dolcezza worker: that once the store’s production equipment was moved to Union Market, the Georgetown location would close.

At the time, GM did a little digging and discovered that that was not exactly true, but learned that the store was nonetheless considering leaving this location (where it was founded in 2003).

GM noticed this week that the for sale sign was taken down and seating was added to the second floor. He reached out and received confirmation that they are planning to remain. And the new seating upstairs in fact reflected the store’s expanded coffee service (the Dupont Dolcezza is much more of a coffee shop than the original shop, and this is probably a move to bring some of that innovation home).

There are still long term plans to eventually find a location for the store closer to M St. That’s a bummer for GM since he literally lives behind the current location. But it’s great for the neighborhood that it will stay put for now and will remain in the neighborhood longterm no matter what.


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2 responses to “Dolcezza to Stay in Place, For Now

  1. I think the Nathan’s space would be perfect

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