ANC Preview: Special Edition

The ANC is ending its summer break early On August 27th to hold a special session. It will be at unusual time and place: 1:00 pm at the library.

The purpose of the special meeting is to discuss three new liquor licenses. The commission needs to meet to authorize their (likely) protests to the licenses. This starts the ball rolling towards a voluntary settlement and the issuance of the license. If they wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting, it will be too late to file a protest.

The three licenses are for the After Peacock Room (which was only open briefly before temporarily shutting down again), and two new restaurants apparently going into 1513 and 1515 Wisconsin Ave. (which have been identified as a sushi place and a teriyaki place.)

Also, the longtime executive director of the ANC, Melanie Gisler, is stepping down to take a full time job at a non-profit. So her ANC job is now open. If you or anyone you know is interested, contact Ron Lewis at

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