Switcheroo Brings End to Different Landmark

Photo by Eddie Welker.

Yesterday GM reported that Mr. Smith’s was going to close due to a rent hike. He mentioned with skepticism that the owner was going to try to stay in Georgetown. Well the Eater is reporting that that is exactly what happened. Unfortunately it means the end of yet another landmark restaurant: Chadwicks.

They write:

Longtime Georgetown bar Chadwicks will be closing on Aug. 31st. Replacing it? Another longtime Georgetown institution,Mr. Smith’s.

The bar is shutting down its operations, and Mr. Smith’s will move from M Street to Chadwicks’ current location at 3205 K St NW, Washington, DC. Chadwick’s General Manager Nicole Maddin confirmed the news and said the deal was finalized yesterday.

“Mr. Smith has bought us out. And we’ll be moving out at the end of August,” she said.

This is probably worse than losing just one landmark. We lose one (and between the two, GM prefers Chadwicks) and the one we keep will be in a completely new space, divorced from its history.

And speaking of history, Chadwick’s has a lot more than most.


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2 responses to “Switcheroo Brings End to Different Landmark

  1. This is horrid. I haven’t set foot in Mr. Smith’s in at least a decade, but I just ate dinner at Chadwick’s Sunday night with friends. It’s always been a reliable, quiet spot for dinner and I’ll miss it.

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