Now and Sort Of a Long Time Ago: Geppetto


This week in Now and Long Time Ago, GM goes only Sort Of a Long Time Ago: to 1987. Here a ten year old GM stands with his two brothers and father in front of the dearly beloved Geppetto pizza restaurant that once occupied the Unum space. (GM’s the one with the fetching green pants).

This is from a family trip to DC and Geppetto is by far the most vivid memory GM has of the trip. No pizza will ever taste as good to GM as his memory of that pizza. Probably one reason it tasted so good in 1987 was that GM had never eaten deep dish pizza before, so the novelty (and copious amounts of cheese) probably had something to do with it.

Geppetto closed the Georgetown branch in the 1990s. Into the late 90s, you could go down the alleyway beside the Guards and pick up a phone on the wall to order Geppetto pizza. You could also get it delivered. But that stopped at some point.

A few years ago, GM realized there was still another branch of Geppetto open in Bethesda. The same creepy marionettes were still there, but even genuine Geppetto’s pizza can’t measure up to a 20+ year old remembrance of pizza eaten.

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