Hyde One of Toughest Elementary Schools to Get Into

Earlier this month, GM reported on the historically long waitlist that Georgetown families face to enroll their children in Hyde for the new three year old program. At the time, GM pointed out that while the waitlist was long by Georgetown standards, it was nonetheless much shorter than some especially popular schools like Stoddert. However, the city release data this week that puts Hyde among the the tops in the city in terms of difficulty for residents to get into.

The city analyzed what percentage of in boundary families for each school ended up on the waitlist. (Even in-boundary families need to win a lottery to get a spot in the PreK three year old and four year old programs.) Oyster Adams, in Woodley Park, is the toughest for neighborhood kids to get into, with 74.5% of families ending up on the waitlist. Stoddert is second, with 68.3% on the waitlist. But Hyde is right behind Stoddert at 62.9%.

So while schools like Stoddert have much longer waitlists than Hyde, they have a lot more spots in the first place. Hyde is a smaller school, but the interest is proportionately high.

This underscores the growing interest in Hyde by the neighborhood. And it shows why it’s such a bad idea that the Mayor is proposing to delay even further the critical expansion that has been long planned for the school. Due to administrative and regulatory delays, the construction couldn’t start this summer. But there were plans to start in the summer of 2016 (with the project being completed by fall 2017). Unfortunately, the mayor is now proposing to delay project start until 2017. This is an unacceptable delay for a school to be asked to remain the only school in the District without a gym, and one that will start to be overcrowded by the increased interest.

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  1. kerlin4321

    Welcome to the DCPS Wars, GM! May your experience be happier than that of most of us who weathered the tough times at Hyde, when the issues were a crumbing infrastructure and threats of closure, not over-abundance of local kids or lack of a gym. But soon your child will be assured a spot, and the fact that she can walk to school and will have classmate friends in the neighborhood will compensate for the ineviable DCPS aggravation. Gyms are nice, but Hyde has alway been known for its amazing kickball talent, which is best admired outdoors.

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