Georgetown BID Secures $3 Million for Canal Repairs

C&O Canal

At the Georgetown BID’s annual meeting yesterday, Councilmember Jack Evans announced that he secured $3 million in the city’s budget to contribute towards the critically necessary repairs of the C & O Canal, as well as the construction of a new canal boat.

This news was actually already reported by the Current last week, but it was tucked away in an article about how that is only half of what is necessary to achieve the BID’s goal. The other $3 million will come from fundraising via the newly created Georgetown Heritage charitable organization.

GM served on the Georgetown 2028 steering committee, which reviewed and approved some grand schemes for the canal. But it was only later that the group learned of just in how bad a shape Lock 4 was. If it failed, the who vision for the canal as a useable waterway would be significantly reduced.

So while basic repairs were not the flashiest items envisioned for the canal, it is a crucial first step. Once it is complete, a new boat can be built and historic rides can return. This will form the core of the new canal experience, drawing tens of thousands of visitors each year.

And thanks to the efforts of Jack Evans, we’re off to a good start.

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