How Many Stores Opened or Closed Last Year

Georgetown Retail Openings off to Good Start


Every year GM performs a door-to-door census on all the stores in Georgetown. The thing is, though, that GM has gotten a bit busy (or lazy) and pushed off the census a little more every year. So by the time he got around to it this year, it was more like fifteen months since the last tally. As a result, the “changes” are probably exaggerated a bit.

But that said, GM is still crunching the numbers. To tide you over, here is the first bit of data: the number of stores that either opened or closed:

Opened: 43

Closed: 51

Bonus stat – Stores that moved within Georgetown: 7

The number of stores opened is fairly steady from the prior year, which was 42. The closures, however, are up a bunch. From 2013-2014 there were only 33 closures. That’s a 55% jump in closures. It seems hard to believe, actually, but here’s the complete list of closures:

  • R and G Pop Up Antiques
    Dalton Pratt
    P.O. Boxes Etc.
    Wagner’s Liquor
    Ipsa Salon
    Capital Consignments
    Magnolia Massage
    Marvelous Market
    Darrell Dean
    Fleurir Chocolates
    Amazon Andes
    Clairvoyant Healing Center
    UTB Boutique
    Jack Spade
    Fashion Gallery
    Letelier Theater
    Pleasure Place
    Alchemie Forever
    G. Morris Steinbraker
    Solar Planet
    Brush & Blush
    Bangcock Joes
    Illuminations Inc.
    Rhino Bar
    Modern Lounge
    Capitol Prague
    Capitol Prague Café
    Vivvy’s Nails
    Tackle Box
    True Religion Jeans
    Serendipity 3
    Café La Ruche
    Lost Boys
    Zenobia Lounge
    Juicy Couture
    Ekti Salon
    Cabello’s Salon


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3 responses to “How Many Stores Opened or Closed Last Year

  1. I dunno, Topher. There are a couple of restaurants here — Rialto and Bangcock Joes that changed name/concept, but are otherwise the same owner. I’ll miss Darrell Dean and Fleurir Chocolate, and maybe Neyla and Chadwicks are in the loss column, but the rest? Made room for something better!

  2. Both Rialto and Bangcock Joe’s are trying a new concept out of desperation. Neither is performing well in the market. They are just buying time before they close.

  3. Topher

    It’s definitely more of an art than science, but I figure if the name is different, the “concept” different and it has a total renovation, the old restaurant is for all intents and purposes gone. Whether the ownership changed or didn’t change isn’t particularly material, in my opinion. But it’s a close call sometimes. I think, for instance, I didn’t count it as a closure when Bangcock Bistro became Mai Thai.

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