This is Why You Shouldn’t Park Where it Says Not to Park


GM was walking on P St. last week when he came on this scene. What’s here is a contractor’s pickup truck (with trailer) that is parked on the south side of the street. On the left is a G2 bus trying to make a right turn off of Wisconsin.

Trying is the operable word here. That’s because neither the trailer nor the truck are parked in legal spaces. And it probably seems odd to have such a long stretch of curb not allow parking so far from the intersection (although there is a curb cut right in the middle too). But the reason these are not legal spaces is because the bus–which has been making this turn literally since streetcars were also making the turn–needs a wide turning radius to make it (mostly because Wisconsin intersects P at a slightly skewed angle).

And when you take spaces like this and think “hey I’m not blocking anyone” realize that you very well might be doing just that to a bus full of riders.

This particular bus was stuck for at least five minutes waiting for the contractor to come out and move his truck.

This arrangement also exists up on Q just west of Wisconsin, where the D series buses also need to take wide angled turns.

So do the right thing and find a legal spot.


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