Community Groups Reach Consensus to Scotch Moratorium


Last month, the Georgetown BID announced a deal with the ANC and the Citizens Association to end the Georgetown liquor license moratorium. The deal was worked out by representatives of each group. (Mandatory disclosure: GM is a board member of CAG, but did not participate in the negotiations). However, when the proposal went for approval in front of the full ANC and the CAG board, some additional conditions were proposed regarding noise and other topics.

So the respective groups’ representatives met again to hammer out the differences, and their efforts were successful. A new draft template has been created for settlement agreements going forward. Now the ANC and CAG need to vote it up or down, which GM is confident they will.

If all three groups approve the proposal it will go to the ABC Board to decide whether to end the moratorium once and for all. Given the likely consensus, the board will probably go along. Stay tuned!


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