School Lottery Open Now

The student lottery for DC Public Schools is now open. This is the process by which students who don’t want to attend their designated local school can get a slot at another school. You can apply and find more information here.

If you plan on sending your child to Georgetown’s Hyde-Addison, you do not need to enter the lottery unless you’re interested in one of the pre-Kindergarten grades. In that case you do need to apply and you’re not guaranteed a slot. (Regardless, once your child is in Kindergarten they are guaranteed a spot).

As you may know, this school year Hyde-Addison added a Pre-K 3 year old program, which proved very popular. That will have some ramifications this year since the children in the current PK3 program will rise and take most of the slots for the PK4 program. So there are likely going to be few available slots for the PK4 program. In the past, the lottery system announces how many slots the school anticipates having, but at least as of now it does not. So GM doesn’t know.


As you may have read in the Current, next year (and at least part of the following year) Hyde will located at a different location as the construction begins on the new wing. No location has been chosen, but options include trailers on the Ellington Field in Burleith or space in Hardy Middle School. Neither are ideal options, but the benefit of the new addition is worth the temporary pain.

The school will host an open house tomorrow morning from 9-10. Click here for more info on the school.


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