Scenes From a Blizzard


Cross-country skiing on Wisconsin, as one does.


Braving the elements


Huge flocks of robins picked this tree clean of berries hours later.


French bulldog, in his element.


Sunset, Sunday night.


Montrose Park hill was jumping.

OriginalPhoto-475345520.950241 OriginalPhoto-475344705.112807

Lots of shops on Wisconsin were pretty good about clearing the snow.


Others, like Cafe Divan, were not good neighbors. It’s particularly annoying when places like Cafe Divan clear out the sidewalk to their entrances, but leave the rest of the sidewalk fronting their building covered in snow. GM heard that other places, including Vinyard Vines, Paolo’s, Nine West and Reebok were also being bad neighbors.


Via Umbria, on the other hand kept their sidewalk clear and were open for business even Saturday night.

OriginalPhoto-475284178.413024 OriginalPhoto-475280226.705914 HipstamaticPhoto-475360372.421089 HipstamaticPhoto-475263815.952962 OriginalPhoto-475259221.934188 OriginalPhoto-475259141.034158 OriginalPhoto-475251795.787513OriginalPhoto-475434502.617665OriginalPhoto-475446670.895257


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  1. Fantastic shots of ole Georgetown!

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