Now and a Long Time Ago: M St.

Jackson House

This week on Now and a Long Time Ago, GM stops by M St. circa 1900. Nowadays, M St. is almost entirely commercial, but from the time it was first laid-out, significants parts of the street were taken up by homes. What you see above was one of those original residential homes.

The building, located at 3250 M St., was built in 1802. The most striking feature about it, as described in Capital Losses, was it’s gambrel shaped roof (think how barn roofs are shaped) with dormers popping out the side its steep shape. According to James Goode, author of Capital Losses, even when the building was built it was of an anachronistic style. This sort of design was more popular in the 17th century, not the turn of the 19th. Apparently Georgetown was likely dotted with homes like this, but most were torn down long before photography came around.

The photo depicts a storefront on the right of the photo that was not original and was added probably in the late 19th century to convert the building’s use to commercial. The building was built by a merchant named George Walker. But he sold it to Joseph Jackson in 1810. The Jackson family kept ownership of the property until 1891. Fifteen years later in 1906 it was demolished for a commercial building. GM believes the building that currently stands there (and houses H & M) is essentially the building that replaced the Jackson House.


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