Some Transit Options for Jack Evans

Circulator bus

Our neighbor and councilmember, Jack Evans, was just elected as chair to the Metro board. In an interview with WTOP about his new position, Evans stated that he didn’t take Metro regularly (or at all, it seems) because he lives in Georgetown. When the reporter pointed out the 30-series buses, Evans said he’d try it out. Progress! But there are even more options, GM’s here to spell them out.

Jack lives on the 3100 block of P St. This is actually a fairly well placed location to start a trip to either his council chambers at the Wilson Building or the Metro office building at Judiciary Square. Here are the best options for Jack:

Thirty Series

As the reporter pointed out, the 30-series bus picks up a block from Jack’s house and goes literally to the front door of the Wilson Building. This is obviously a very good option. But the 30-series can sometimes be really crowded. Plus you have to make sure the bus goes all the way to the Wilson Building. The 31 bus, for instance, only goes to Foggy Bottom. And from downtown, the 37 skips around Georgetown entirely on its trip up to Friendship Heights.

All in all, though, it’s a solid option. But there are always possibilities of tie ups somewhere along the line, so it’s good to have other options available.

The Circulator

The Circulator is another good option. It picks up at the same stop at the intersection of P and Wisconsin and goes downtown fairly directly. Plus it’s cheaper at a buck! (And in a few years Jack can get a senior card and both the Metrobus and Circulator fares will be slashed!)

But the Circulator doesn’t get you quite to the Wilson Building. It travels down K St. through downtown. You’d have to get off at K and 13th and walk down to the Wilson Building from there. Still, that’s not that bad a walk. And the Circulator is normally quite empty as it comes down Wisconsin Ave., so you’re almost guaranteed a seat. It’s also a bit quicker than the 30-series because it has slightly fewer stops.

Also worth considering is the fact that the Circulator isn’t run by Metro, but the District. If Jack wants to really commune with Metro riders, he’d have to go with a different option.

D Series

The final good option for Jack involves the D-series. These lines take Q St. through Georgetown towards Dupont. The D2 takes you only to the Dupont Circle metro, while the D1 and D6 will take you right down to within a block of the Wilson Building.

During a morning commute, the D2-to-Metro option is probably the fastest of all the options. With well timed connections, you can get from Georgetown to Metro Center in 15 minutes or even less. But it does introduce more things that can go wrong. And it’s a bit more expensive, even with transfer discounts.

The D1 and D6 might be the best option overall. It skips Wisconsin Ave. and M St. traffic entirely. And it cuts out the bothersome stretch from Georgetown through Foggy Bottom, which can slow down a 30-series a lot on bad days.

It requires a bit of a walk up to Q St. for Jack, but what better way to run into constituents?



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2 responses to “Some Transit Options for Jack Evans

  1. kerlin4321

    Jack is a great guy but someone who has never taken Metro is not my idea of a the perfect candidate for this job.

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