Glover Park Hardware Reopens


GM tries to limit his news to the strict confines of Georgetown proper. It makes his job slightly easier. But sometimes a story comes along that’s technically outside those boundaries but affects Georgetown residents. And the reopening of Glover Park Hardware is one of those stories.

You may recall that in 2014, the store was evicted so that a utterly redundant Rite Aid could move in across the street from a CVS. The hardware store identified a location nearby (apparently after vetting a few Georgetown locations) at 2233 Wisconsin Ave. (down the steps next to Breadsoda). But interminable construction delays pushed the initially optimistic opening date back significantly. They were originally hoping to open early last year, and only finally opened this week.

But that’s water under the bridge. Georgetown’s closest full-service hardware store is back. No more trudging up to their sister store in Tenleytown (or whatever your alternative has been). Stop by and let them know you’re happy they’re back!


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