Their Cupcakes are Still Better At Least


Back in the Great Cupcake Wars of 2012, when locals debated the relative superiority of Georgetown Cupcake against Baked and Wired, one thing that could always be said of Baked and Wired was that it didn’t have the long lines that cursed (blessed?) Georgetown Cupcake. In GM’s opinion they also had better (or at least more filling) cupcakes. Only that second advantage still applies; long lines have now come to Baked and Wired.

The lines at Baked and Wired are not quite as long as at Georgetown Cupcake. But they’re definitely long enough for you to question whether it’s worth it.

This is probably the result of all the times locals made a point of saying how much better Baked and Wired was. It was bound to result in larger crowds. And larger crowds it is.

All that said, GM still thinks they have better cupcakes. And if he happens by there when the line’s not too long, he’ll still buy one. But quickly stopping by on a weekend afternoon is probably a thing of the past.



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4 responses to “Their Cupcakes are Still Better At Least

  1. The long lines have been there for quite a while, especially on weekends.

  2. LOL and life still goes on beyond Cupcakes!

  3. B&W cupcakes are without a doubt the BEST! They taste homemade, have creative names/combinations and are not perfect–that may be what I love the most!

  4. kerlin4321

    Homemade taste best and are a lot cheaper!

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