S & R Foundation Makes Some Changes

Post Relates Everymay Family's Eventful Past

They say that one of the “upsides” of having your parents divorce is that you end up getting more presents for your birthday and other occasions. Well, Georgetown might be getting its own dose of that experience. Recently, high-profile (but very private) Sachiko Kuno and Ryuji Ueno, who founded the S & R Foundation in 2002, got divorced. Would this mean the end of the foundation and its footprint in Georgetown (especially the music series at Evermay)? The answer is no. In fact, the presents have doubled.

The foundation announced yesterday that a new organization, the Ryuji Ueno Foundation, will continue to host concerts at Evermay. The S & R Foundation will now start a new series at Halcyon House called “Halcyon Stage”. Read between the lines, it would appear that Mr. Ueno “got” Evermay in the divorce, and Ms. Kuno “got” Halcyon House. (The actual owners of the properties are separate LLCs, so it’s unclear whether ultimate ownership was affected by the divorce.)

It’s consistent with their philanthropic record to date the Kuno and Ueno have taken this personally unhappy experience and found a way to increase the greater good.


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