Free Bookcase For the Taking


GM is offering a free bookcase to anyone who can pick it up. He needs to get rid of it and offered it for free on Craigslist. But apparently when people agree to pick up free things over Craigslist they believe it means they are “free to not actually show up”. So now GM is trying a different route.

It’s an interesting bookcase. It’s solid hardwood. Possible walnut. He purchased it at Weschler’s Auction House about ten years ago. It’s about 6 feet tall and 30 inches wide.

The shelves themselves are somewhat oddly shaped. They only are six inches apart. It’s perfect for cds, if anyone still has them.

The odd height has always intrigued GM. The only clue GM can find is a stamp on the back that says: “Euclid Ave. Sta. O.”



Could this stand for Euclid Ave. Station? That’s the name of a subway stop in Brooklyn. Euclid Avenue is also a prominent street in Cleveland, although there does not appear to be a train station with that name there.

Either way, first come first served!



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2 responses to “Free Bookcase For the Taking

  1. Paul Cullen, Jr.

    I’d love it – but couldn’t come get it until Sunday.

  2. Marcy Logan

    If it has a close grain, it may be oak. Marcy

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