Small Change, Big Difference


Last Saturday, GM was leaving the Jelleff pool and needed to stop by the Safeway for a couple items. Up until that day, this has proven to be a minorly frustrating task because while Safeway is literally feet from the pool, to get between the two you need to walk all the way back out to S St. and up Wisconsin. Now you don’t have to do that anymore.

Part of the brick wall that had previously blocked direct access between Jelleff and Safeway has been taken down. As you can see in the photo above, you can now walk directly from the Jelleff parking lot to the parking lot immediately south of the store. By GM’s count, this reduces a walk of over a quarter mile down to a walk of just 80 yards.

There used to be direct access between the two properties at the northwest corner of the Jelleff lot. You can still see the steps that went up to the old Safeway parking lot:

IMG_1591(Well ok, you can’t really see them in this photo, but they’re there back beneath that tree.)

When the Safeway was rebuilt, the direct access was blocked with a fence. This now fixes that poor decision.

The biggest beneficiary for this change is probably going to be the pizza restaurant that it opening just on the other side of the pass-through. If they had any smarts, they’d sell ice cream too and reap huge business from kids leaving the pool, gym or soccer fields. (This, essentially, was Sweet Frog’s business model. But lacking anything but frozen yogurt probably make it tough to get through the winter.)


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