Now and a Long Time Ago: 35th and Canal


GM’s going to ease back into the grind with a fairly straight forward Now and a Long Time Ago. It shows the scene of 35th and Canal Rd. as of 1959. It’s from DDOT’s historic collection.

There are a couple interesting things about the historic shot. The first is to not how many more trees there are today than in 1959. Most of the time when GM superimposes shots from the mid-century, there are far more trees. But here there are really far fewer trees, particularly on the far side of the bridge. (It was also winter at the time of the shot, but even taking that into account, the area that became Francis Scott Key Park is pretty barren).

Another thing to note is that the Dixie Liquors sign can be seen:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.57.59 PM

Through the trees, you can also make out one of the mill buildings that used to stand on Water St.

(Hey, by the way, Dixie Liquors is apparently for sale.)

Not surprisingly, 35th St. itself was not really different. GM doesn’t really know the history for why that street was allowed to remain cobblestones (maybe to slow cars down?) but it’s something he’d like to see elsewhere.


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