Gotta Support it if You Want it

1700 block of Wisconsin Ave.

Starting this summer, a new farmers market has been setting up every Sunday morning in front of the old Marvelous Market at P and Wisconsin. It’s by Licking Creek Farms and offers a variety of produce and other items. Maybe you’ve visited it, but chances are you haven’t because the market won’t keep coming unless more customers come. GM has heard that the vendor is considering closing the market unless business improves.

That’s the thing with commercial amenities like farmers markets or specialty grocery stores. Everyone says they want them, but when they do actually open, often there’s not enough actual demand to keep it open. Of course, it’s not solely the fault of the fickle public. Places like Stachowski’s or (so far) Via Umbria have shown that quality offerings generate the crowds. And it should also be noted that farmers markets at Rose Park (on Wednesdays) and Hardy School (on Saturdays) demonstrate that farmers markets can succeed in Georgetown. (Of course it could also demonstrate that the market is saturated).

So if you want to keep the farmers market coming on Sunday, head on out there and buy some stuff!


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