Georgetown Has the Most Ticketed Block. Good.

Photo by M.V. Jantzen.

The Georgetowner recently passed along a report that tabulated the blocks in DC where the most parking tickets are issued. And right at number one is the 1000 block of Thomas Jefferson St. in Georgetown. This is good news.

People often lament parking tickets as some unfair punishment that has befallen them like a random lightning bolt from a clear blue sky. People also complain about how hard it is to park in Georgetown. These are not internally consistent complaints. Parking enforcement punishes people who use more of the parking resource then they are entitled too. Keeping people honest about parking meters frees up parking for others.

In the case of this particular block, it is a block full of parking meters and one with a very popular establishment: Baked and Wired. This creates high demand for the metered spots. And the parking scarcity probably encourages people to do find parking to park longer, thus exacerbating the problem.

One answer to situations like this is performance parking, where we charge very high rates for metered parking in order to encourage those who want to stay longer to use an off-street garage. But the city has failed to expand this program beyond a couple small pilots. Therefore the only other option to break the cycle is rigorous enforcement. So thank you parking enforcers for your service! It is appreciated!


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3 responses to “Georgetown Has the Most Ticketed Block. Good.

  1. That is some sick human logic IMO

  2. Written like a true Georgetowner.

  3. kerlin4321

    Ticket-writers: the only functional part of the DC Government and, unfortunately (for many), unflagging in their zeal to protect the public.

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