Micro Targeted Political Graffiti Apparently Works

GM joked last year that in Georgetown even the stop signs are lobbyists. The photo is of a bumper sticker stuck to a stop sign near the intersection of 30th and P St. These micro targeted political appeals always seemed a bit odd to GM, but a photo in the New York Times yesterday suggests it worked.

The sticker was put up sometime in the winter of 2014-15. It was targeted at FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, who was considering a proposal on “net neutrality“. GM believes these stickers are from people who didn’t want the net neutrality bill to pass. (But frankly it’s not entirely clear).

At the time Wheeler lived (and may still live) on West Lane Keys near these stops signs. So it’s not totally surprising that he may have seen them. But in a piece in the New York Times yesterday, some photos from Wheeler’s office suggests he absolutely took note of the signs:


Apparently in Wheeler’s office he keeps a framed photo of the stop signs with the stickers.

This does seem consistent with the guy who played along with John Oliver’s teasing and engaged protestors outside his house:

The net neutrality rules passed with provisions favored by open Internet advocates, by the way.



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