Georgetown in 3D


This may not be new, but GM just realized that Google Maps has finally added 3d renderings of Georgetown (and other parts of DC) to its Google Maps program. Just follow this link over there. (Or alternatively, load up Google Maps, move the location to Georgetown, click the “Earth” box on the lower left, and then click the “3D” button on the lower right. And then push your mouse’s scroll bar up to zoom in.)

It sort of funny to see your home rendered in 3d animation. Granted, at the close in zoom the quality isn’t great. But it gives you a realistic birds-eye view of the neighborhood. It’s particularly cool when you hold the CTRL button down and move the mouse. This enables you to pan the “camera” around.

They have rendered pretty much all of DC, but they seem to have intentionally left out the federal core buildings around the mall. It’s sort of reminiscent of when Google maps originally pixelated buildings like the White House or the Capitol. Ostensibly this is for security reasons, but it seems like it would be a particularly unmotivated attacker to be at all dissuaded by this security theater.

Anyway, check it out and enjoy.



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