Are You Looking for a Nursery School in Georgetown?

GM knows that this is the time of year when parents of young children looking to make plans for next fall start applying to nursery schools. And with that in mind, please consider GM’s heartfelt recommendation: the Children’s House of Washington.

The Children’s House of Washington (or C.H.O.W.) is a Montessori school located in the Dumbarton Methodist Church right here in Georgetown. It doesn’t get quite the same attention as some of the other nursery schools around Georgetown, but GM has sent his daughter there for three years, and he can say with confidence that it was absolutely one of the best decisions he (and Mrs. GM) made for her.

The school follows the Montessori method, which may be unusual for some people. In Montessori, students pursue their education at their own pace, working on their skills via a variety of “work” activities in which they have been trained. It would seem that it should be chaotic, but well run Montessori classrooms hum with productive activity as the teachers move from group-to-group ensuring that they are on track with whatever task they’ve chosen. And C.H.O.W. is one of those productive Montessoris.

The school attracts a great mix of families. Most are from the Georgetown neighborhood, or a neighborhood close by. Many are international families, here either permanently or for a few years. Most of GM’s daughter’s friends speak (at least) two languages. And regardless of whether they are international or not, the families have all been incredibly lovely.

GM can speak from experience that the Montessori method works. His daughter was reading at 4 and has developed a strong mathematics ability. The arts program is also superlative and has instilled and creative drive in GM’s daughter that has lead to a house full of projects to precious to throw away.

It is a wonderful, small, and affordable school right here in the heart of Georgetown. If you are looking for a preschool (either for now or next year) GM highly recommends you check out C.H.O.W.


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