Georgetown Cupcakes Without the Wait (Sort of)


Do you want Georgetown Cupcakes, but don’t want to wait on line like some sucker tourist? You’re in luck! Now you can buy authentic Georgetown Cupcake mixes from Williams-Sonoma.

Each mix cost $15 bucks and can make 12. That works out to be $1.25 a cupcake, which is less than half the price from the store. But there’s a pretty huge catch.

The mixes don’t come with milk, eggs or butter. That’s not terribly surprising. But they also don’t come with any frosting. The cream-cheese saturated frostings are some of the primary appeals of Georgetown Cupcake’s cupcakes. You could try to replicate it, but you can bet they won’t look at pretty as that photo above.

Better than exploring this avenue at all, if you really want Georgetown Cupcake, just order by phone and walk in to pick up. No wait. No risk you’ll be mistaken for a tourist.

This would normally be the point at which GM would recommend that what you really ought to do is just go to Baked and Wired. But to be honest, the lines there are easily as bad, if not worse, than Georgetown Cupcake’s these days.

There’s always Sprinkles, the Ann of cupcake stores.


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