Dog Owners: Don’t Do This

Don't Do This

What you see above is a bag of dog poop that has been left in the bottom of GM’s trash bin. Dog-owners: don’t do this.

This happens all the time, and it is always hugely annoying. Perhaps dog owners think that putting their dogs’ poop in garbage bins satisfies their societal duty vis-a-vis poop disposal. But DPW crews don’t entirely empty trash bins when they collect waste. They typically just open the bin and grab whatever bags are there. Any loose items–like your Irish Setter’s digested Alpo–is left behind.

The only way this bag of poop gets actually removed is once GM reaches in himself and puts it in with a larger bag of trash. So essentially, all that happened was the dog’s owner handed his or her dog’s poop in a bag and said “you deal with this”.

So please dog-owners, don’t do this. It is annoying and attracts rats.



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One response to “Dog Owners: Don’t Do This

  1. Gah! Pet peeve of mine also! There are municipal trash cans everywhere! Why mine???

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