The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Liza Lagman Sperl.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • GM has long heard that Trader Joe’s was the target for the redeveloped Holiday Inn space just north of Georgetown. This confirms it.
  • GM doesn’t agree that the Exorcist Steps are a great place to cry. Surely Dumbarton Oaks would be better?

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One response to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. kerlin4321

    Non-subscribers can’t read the story, the headline of which only mentions “talks.” Was their more confirmation? Another incident of merchants erroneously claiming Georgetown status, although it is closer to Gtown than many. If you literally interpret many hotel/restaurant/store names, Georgetown starts just below the Cathedral in the north, Dupont Circle in the west and Palisades/Foxhall in the east. Despite the river boundary, I’m waiting for clever folks in North Arlington to start claiming Georgetown status. Not bad for a neighborhood supposedly on the decline that no one wants to visit anymore.

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